In order to speed up the transformation of the mode of foreign trade development, and actively guide the Chinese enterprises “going out”, promoting China-Africa in a larger range, a wider field and higher level cooperation, the ministry of commerce in Lagos, Nigeria on November 2019 and the third consumer goods exhibition (IGF) held in Nigeria Chinese consumer goods (Nigeria) brand exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the exhibition).The exhibition is hosted by Worldexh India Co. and African Legacy International.

The exhibition area is expected to be 2200 square meters, divided into 3 professional exhibitions, involving LED lighting& Energy;Furniture, hardware &building materials; and small commodities. The (Nigeria) Expo 2019 will attract buyers from 16 countries of ECOWAS (including Nigeria, Cameroon, central Africa, Niger, Togo, Gabon, Liberia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, etc.).The invitation of purchasers is jointly responsible by African Legacy International’s team in Nigeria and the local leading associations of these regarding industries. The competent national departments of 16 countries are invited to invite purchasers in their own countries to come and purchase.